" 316 Stainless Steel "

All "Stainless Steel" is NOT Created Equal.

“Stainless steel” can refer to a variety of alloys. Most outdoor furniture manufacturers’ stainless steel is “Type 304,” which meets the minimum standard for the “Stainless” designation. It’s the grade of steel used on tabletops, stoves, and refrigerators. Unfortunately, it’s also mistakenly used as hardware for outdoor furniture.

Enter “Type 316.”

Pawleys Island uses a marine-grade, stainless steel alloy to produce hardware for its outdoor furniture. Type 316 rates among the most anti-corrosive metals in the world. It’s routinely used in surgical implants like pacemakers, where it capably prevents corrosion in the harshest of conditions.

It’s practically elemental.

Unique to Type 316 is the presence of Molybdenum, an element which provides protection against moisture, especially the saltwater air of marine environments. It’s known for keeping its shape and integrity, even when exposed to major changes in temperature.

The alloy of choice for marine-grade use.

Deck railings for boats and ships, anchor rope brackets, and more: Type 316 sees heavy use in marine environments, a testament to its unparalleled corrosion resistance.