"Mortise and Tenon"

Beware of Butt Joints.

There's no easier way to connect two pieces of wood. Butt them together, nail it down, done. Furniture is too often done the easy way, which in this case, is also the weakest way. That's why we use mortises and tenons instead of butt joints, every time.

Mortise and... What?

You may not have heard, but we've been using mortise and tenon connections for thousands of years. They're simple, yet astoundingly effective: a projection from the end of one board (tenon) inserts into a cavity in another board (mortise). We use stub mortises and tenons on the weight-bearing joints of our chair, reinforced by Type 316 stainless steel.

Better carpentry, better chairs.

Every mortise and tenon connection is individually tested by our master craftsmen. Each step in the construction process has been refined, and refined again. We smooth every piece of lumber, eliminating sharp corners for a smooth, contoured finish.